3 Things to know about Automotive Service Advisors

In a country like India which is growing economically the automotive industry has played a pivotal role. The demand in India for logistics and travel has increased exponentially and automobile transport is serving this need majorly. The automobile industry in India is growing at 6% YoY. Even the government seems to have realized it and is promoting this sector under Make In India and NSDC. Consequently, this sector has a lot of potential for generating employment.

The job requirements for automotive segment vary from design to production and from sales to after sales. There is a requirement for engineers, MBAs, accountants, marketers etc., to fulfill the various jobs in the automotive industry. One such job profile is that if an automotive service advisor.

A service advisor is a after sales job profile who acts as a bridge between the technician and the customer. He is the point of contact for a customer who gives his vehicle for servicing to the dealership.

  1. Service advisor job description:
  • Greet customers when they arrive at the parts and service center and direct them to an available mechanic
  • Consult with mechanics about necessary repairs and possible alternatives to expensive work
  • Provide customers with in-depth information about available aftermarket and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part options
  • Answer questions about service outcome (after consulting with mechanic if necessary)
  • Advise customers about warranty protections and potential cost savings
  • Help customers decide between trading in a car and fixing it through our shop
  • Manage and oversee the service center’s workflow and scheduling
  • Call customers to inform them of changes in service or to let them know their vehicle is ready for pick-up
  1. What makes a great service advisor:

The job profile being semi-technical, students from automobile engineering, mechanical engineering diploma holders & degree holders are applicable for this job. Companies like Honda, BMW, Mercedes prefer such skilled man power for this job as they are the face of the company to the customer. He should have:

  • Good technical knowledge
  • Awareness about the current technologies
  • Good communication skills to help convince the customer
  1. Perks of being a service advisor:
    The salary and perks of a service advisor too are very attractive. A fresher in the job earns in the range of 10000/- to 15000/- starting pay. This does not include the perks and incentives which take up the pay easily to 20000/-. A service advisor earns around 25000/- to 30000/- with two years of work experience. A service advisor also has a lot of opportunities to grow in term of career. In 4 to 5 years he can end up becoming a workshop manager, which is a lucrative position. The employee can also go on the OEM side if his managerial skills are up to the mark as regional service head.

All in all this is an apt profile for a technical graduate who wants to not leave the technical field but still get into the managerial side of work. Moreover, the job allows a person to stay close to the residential area and mostly in metros where the service workshops are concentrated.


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