How often do you feel that what is taught in the school or college has no importance in the future professional life?  Tailoring pedagogy to not only train students to tackle the complexities of the modern world but also to pull out people from poverty is the need of the hour. This tends to happen… Continue reading HOW OUR CLASSROOM BECAME A SHOWROOM!!!

Automotive Industry: The Sunrise Sector Of India.

India is on a path of becoming an industrial powerhouse. With the three Ds i.e. Democracy, Demography and Demand the industrial sector is growing by leaps and bounds in India. This has resulted in better spending capacities and better standard of living for the common masses. One of the major causes as well as effect of to this… Continue reading Automotive Industry: The Sunrise Sector Of India.

Gas Powered!

India among the other BRICS countries has been the most promising markets for the Automotive sector. With both local and foreign players raking in billions in automotive sales and services, the nation has become a playground for new emerging automobile technologies. Providing employment by the millions and with billions of dollars invested, the Indian Automotive industry… Continue reading Gas Powered!